I love, love, love tea. Clarification: I love camellia sinensis. 

I discovered good tea during university and never looked back. To my great delight, when I joined Fairtrade International, I got to know camellia sinensis in ways few others in this world get to. As the resident expert on tea at Fairtrade international, and as Head of Producer Services and Relations for Asia, I had the privilege of visiting tea estates and small farmer organizations, learning from world-renowned tea experts (who to this day are my tea gurus), and working with all facets of the tea value chain.

Tea is fascinating. This blog is a bit of a download, a bit of a journey of my continued discovery of tea. One thing I already know: no matter how much knowledge I accumulate, there will always be more to learn about tea. I’m always happy to learn more, to interact with other tea lovers, and to propagate the discovery and appreciation of truly good tea.

(And in case anyone was wondering: I like a good infusion too)

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